Publication Types

The Osong Public health and Research Perspectives publishes editorials, review and original articles, brief reports, correspondence and book reviews.

Editorials deal with the contents of correspondence issues so that they emphasize the scientific meaning of articles. Editorials also deal with present hot issues in the Osong Bio-Technopolis. Guest editors may be recruited.

Review articles provide a concise review on subjects of importance to medical researchers. The word count of review articles should not exceed 5,000 words. Review articles are usually invited.

Original articles are papers containing results of basic and clinical investigations, which are sufficiently well documented to be acceptable to critical readers. The word count of original articles should not exceed 3,000 words.

Brief reports deal with issues of importance to biomedical researchers. The maximum length of the manuscript should be 2,000 words including tables and figures.

Correspondence is a comment from readers regarding a published article with a reply from the authors of the article.

Book reviews may be published. Please dispatch a book to the editorial office if you think the book is essential to public health personnel.


Current Issue

31 December 2017 Volume 8,
Number 6, pp. 367~424

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